About Us


I’m quite a sporty girl and not really a cyclist …But last summer in Paris, one of my friends asked me to join her at a Soul Cycling lesson… Biking? No thanks. Really, not my thing. « Come on, I know you’re going to love it! ».

And there I was, dragging my feet on the way to the fitness centre for my first Soul Cycling lesson… 45 min later, I went out drenched but I realized that I had the best sporty experience of my life. I was already addicted. During the session I passed by through all different kind of emotions, I wanted to cry, laugh, scream, dance…

When I came back to Dubai, I was trying to find this Soul Cycling place, but the only one I found was boring, extremely hard work and not fun at all. So I started to think about opening my dream Indoor Cycling Studio in Dubai; an experience where you can grow physically, mentally and emotionally. The concept : a 45 minute experience where you can do sport, enjoy good vibes and listen to some great music.

Soul Cycle is a fabulous concept originating in New York City, which aspires to revolutionize indoor sport. It is currently conquering the US at hyper speed.In a candlelit room, guided by a coach, we alternate exercises cycling to the beat of lively music. Motion gets its inspiration from this amazing concept…

Amelie – Co-founder of MOTION.