This is not a normal, competitive SPIN class. MOTION is a 45 minutes’ session practiced in a dark candlelit room and designed to inspire, motivate and raise your soul while giving you a full body workout and burning up to 1000 calories per session. Each class is made with passion to build a unique experience where you focus on yourself, have fun and get stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s fun, it’s powerful, it’s addictive.

Shape your body

No heavy legs, our signature ride focuses on buttock, abs and arms. It’s a full body workout involving a warm up, a high-intensity cardio and strength session, and a cool down.

Raise your soul

MOTION transforms into core focus. Close your eyes, let it go and forget that you are riding. Elevate your mind with the strong energy of people around you.

Make it happen

Your soul riding experience