About us

A unique experience

This is not a normal, competitive SPIN class. MOTION is a 45 minutes’ session practiced in a dark candlelit room and designed to inspire, motivate and raise your soul while giving you a full body workout and burning up to 1000 calories per session.

A self-improvement journey

Each class is made with passion to build a unique experience where you focus on yourself, have fun and get stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

There is no technology, no competition; Motion is practiced in a dark candlelit room and the energy of the people around you will support your 45 min journey. You ride together, not against each other, and you feel part of a community that shares something special.

It’s fun, it’s addictive.

The feeling of accomplishment that you have when you leave the dark room worth all the sweat. 45 min where you let it go, where your body, without any boundaries, resonates to the beat of the music.


Our instructors

The energy that each instructor puts in his class to make your journey unique each time you step into the dark room makes us different.

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