100 Club Ride

November 26, 2020
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Last week at MOTION, Amelie and Mo shared the stage to celebrate a very special event:
The 100 Club Ride.

Yes, you read it right, those rockstars have all completed more than 100 rides.
What an achievement!

4500 minutes.
700 candles.
100 playlists.
100 rides to challenge themselves.
100 soulful songs to get inspired.
100 opportunities to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

But this doesn’t happen overnight. Those rockstars worked really hard to get there. They probably still remember their first ride as a beginner: trying to keep up with double time, riding on the rhythm, unclipping their shoes at the end of the class (if you know, you know!).
They have been through it all but they kept showing up, ride after ride.
No excuses. Hard work and consistency. Remember “what you give is what you get”.

And this, right here, is what we love the most at Motion.
Celebrating your accomplishments.
Celebrating YOU.
Every single one of you is a Rockstar on his own journey. You are making it happen every single ride and you should be proud.

You are our best inspiration. 

100 Club Ride
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