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The start of everything

I’m quite a sporty girl and not really a cyclist …But 2 years ago in Paris, one of my friends asked me to join her at a Soul Cycling lesson… Spinning ? No thanks. Really, not my thing. « Come on, I know you’re going to love it! ».

And there I was, dragging my feet on the way to the fitness centre for my first Soul Cycling lesson… 45 min later, I went out drenched but I realized that I had the best workout of my life. I was already addicted. When I realized that nothing like this existed in Dubai, I decided to drop everything and started MOTION.



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More about Motion

It took over 6 months to find the money to build the first studio in Dubai. Nobody; any of the business angels or the private equity funds I contacted believed in the project, as the UAE market didn’t even know about Soul Cycle (which exists for 15 years overseas). But when I was about to give up, my best friend decided to believe in me and invested everything that he had in this project.  

So when you have a big private equity fund backing you up, or a rich investor behind you it’s much more easy than when it’s your friend who has made big sacrifices to invest. Every single dirham was counted so you can easily guess that we didn’t have any budget for marketing when we just started. 

But I think this was the key of the success of MOTION, you have to bet everything on what you have, and what we had at that time was only us. It’s what we did, we trained days and nights to provide the people with the best cycling class they would ever have. 

When we started, we had no AC, no showers, sometimes we were only two in the cycling room; the place was nothing fancy, we had no technology, no particular lights, just the bikes and us. But people came back because the experience was different. If your product is good, people will move mountains to come and get it. 

Since we have started, 6 other cycling studios opened in Dubai, and a lot tried to copy us. But we kept on doing what we are good at, and it worked. You can have all the money in the world, you can copy everything from another place, but you can’t take the soul that makes the difference. 

Amelie – Founder and instructor at MOTION


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