Terms and conditions



Session: a lesson where an instructor teaches movements to the client on a bike.
Member: any person who got at least one session at MOTION’s studio


Those terms and conditions apply to everybody who is purchasing a SESSION at
MOTION, including single rides, packages and Bootcamp program.

Member risk

Member should consult with his or her physician or have a physical examination before using any of the Studio facilities or enrolling in any of the classes ride / Program, especially if the member is elderly, pregnant, or has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or other chronic illness or is unaccustomed to physical exertion or has other physical limitations.Member is strongly encouraged to ask for an initial orientation, including bike fitting, and ongoing support available to ensure the proper and safe user of the studio equipment. Member shall not use the studio equipment if he or she is aware of an inability to use it, or aware that this can endanger his / her health. Member shall be responsible for any property damage or personal injury caused by member or his or her guest. Member agrees not to violate any laws while in the Studio.

Any physical activity involves certain risks. Member and his or her guests assume the risk of accidents or injuries with the use of equipment of facilities in the studio. The studio cannot guarantee that any facility or equipment is free of risk. Member agrees to use care in the use of MOTION facilities, equipment.