Wellness is not a trend.

It’s A timeless investment in yourself.

4 exclusive events & talks around wellness curated just for you over the next 30 days.


Align the way you eat and exercise to match your menstrual cycle phase for better hormone balance.

Abu Dhabi | Wednesday 5th June | 7:45pm (ladies only)

Dubai | Thursday 6th June | 7:45pm (ladies only)

With Niousha

With a background as a biomedical engineer specializing in female physiology and a certification in life coaching, Niousha brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and holistic guidance. Passionate about aligning body and mind, she empowers women to achieve balance and well-being through a deep understanding of their hormonal health and the transformative power of positive inner dialogue.

Instagram: @nioushaan


Delve into the science and art of aromatherapy as Ksenia guides you through the fascinating world of natural remedies.

Abu Dhabi | Friday 31st May | 9:30am (ladies only)

Dubai | Thursday 30th May | 7:45pm (ladies only)

With Ksenia

Ksenia (Xenia) Shardt is a certified specialist in Family aromatherapy & founder of dōTERRA Russia. She helps others learn how to become healers using CPTG essential oils to listen to the body’s answers. She also created a unique system for children and adults called “Nose & Mind”, an easy way to know everything about emotional and physical health.

Instagram: @xenia_shardt


 Create your vision board : clear your mind, project on paper your ideas and create the map that will guide you to your goals. 

Abu Dhabi | Sunday 16th June | 5:30pm (ladies only)

Dubai | Saturday 22nd June | 5:45pm (ladies only)

With Bérénice

With a background in acting and drama, Bérénice offers a compassionate and creative space to help you explore your emotions and navigate life’s transitions. Discover how to harness the power of art therapy to envision and achieve your dreams.

Instagram: @berenice.romanet


Understand the gut-brain connection and discover how your gut health impacts your skin, sleep, immunity and so much more.

Abu Dhabi | Monday 24th June | 7:45pm (ladies only)

Dubai | Thursday 27th June | 7:45pm (ladies only)

With Lina

Lina is a naturopathic nutritionist specialized in digestive and hormonal issues in women. Driven by her personal journey overcoming eating disorders and managing an autoimmune disease, she decided to pursue a professional path in micronutrition and nutritional therapy after 7 years working in investment banking.

Instagram: @nutritionwithlina

You can register for more than one workshop. Limited spots available.
Price: 1 credit except for the vision board workshop (160AED including class + 1h workshop)