200 Club Ride

Congratulations Rockstars, you are our best inspiration ! 

March 10, 2022

Let’s talk about last weekend. We got together our riders who had completed 200 or more rides and celebrated their achievement with a private glow-in-the-dark event. Glowsticks, giftbags and good vibes were all around the studio on Sunday night as Mariana led the celebration with a specially designed playlist.

After the class we chatted, took photos, and reminisced about our favourite moments from those 200+ rides. Each rider went home with a new Motion Dubai Tote Bag, filled with homemade granola (our very own Amelie’s recipe), an organic ginger shot from Fighter Shots, a cold-pressed juice from Essentially, and a 200 CLUB t-shirt.

Thank you to Team Motion for creating such a powerful and inspiring community. Proud of what we achieve together in the room (it really does feel like a team effort!) and grateful to be able to tap into such a positive and supportive environment - particularly on those days when I need to escape from the real world.

200 Club Ride