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Changing rooms

MOTION Cycling has amazing changing rooms with natural light and all amenities to get ready after the class. We also have showers with MALIN & GOETZ famous line of products : shampoo, conditionner and body wash.

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Cycling room

We strive to create a space dedicated to personal development and away from all technology. In this dark candlelit room, we work together – not against each other. We are all linked by the same goal and vibrate on the same rhythm. You create the unicity in the adversity while this soul synchronization pushes us to reach our limits.

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We have a seating space with the Burj Khalifa view where you can enjoy a coffee or our signature protein shake. Wifi is available. You can also shop water bottles, snacks and our latest collection of teeshirt, crop top, legging, sweatshirt and bra.

We sell the best protein shake in Dubai; a unique taste that will get you addicted.

Free wifi, Protein shake and coffee bar.