First Timers

How to book the first time ?

To book your first class, you need to create an account on the website, go to “book a bike” and click on the class that you want. You can cancel this class 6 hours before the class, free of charge. You will receive a confirmation by email, if you don’t you can check in your spam or call us. No payment needed, you will pay your first class at the studio 50 AED; we accept all type of payments.

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Check in video how to book a class.

What to bring ?

You only need your sportswear, as we provide shoes, water and towel.

The venue

We are located in the OBEROI center, (adjacent building to the Hotel). It’s the most accessible place in Dubai; We have 2 roads coming from Downtown 2 roads coming from Al Quoz, Al Khalil Road and SZ Road.

When you come, you can park in B1 or B2; It’s a paid parking 10 AED for 2 hours; You can take the elevator to the 18th floor.

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Come 10min before the class starts. When you arrive, you need to check in at the Front Desk; they will ask you for your shoe size and will guide you to the changing rooms.

In the changing rooms we have lockers, showers, and all amenities if you need to get ready after your class.

See how are the changing rooms.

The cycling room

For the moment we don’t have any bike reservation system, so you can pick any bike you want. We advice you if it’s your first time to seat in the 2nd or the 3rd row, as the 1st row is giving the rhythm impulsion for the rest of the class.

The room is dark and the light only comes from the candles. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to set up your bike.

See how is the bike room

The class

The class is 45 min. It’s a full body workout but mainly cardio. We are the only studio in Dubai who rides to the beat of the music inspired by SoulCycle; It’s not a spinning class, so you need to open your mind to something different if you have never done that before.

Don’t be discourage, the first time is always overwhelming and intense, but it’s normal, you are out of your comfort zone.

You may need 3 classes to get on the rhythm with us, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk for the Discovery Package (3 classes for 200 AED).

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See you at the studio rockstar !

If you need more info, you can check our FAQ or contact us.

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