We're looking for our next rockstar !

Who are we looking for?

Cool people with a strong personality, charismatic and able to federate a community around them. Funny, sociable, curious and of course, who loves music. Think about it this way : if you think you are a perfect friend – good listener, caring, generous, always up to do things – you can be a good coach 🙂 

Do I need to already have a certain level of fitness?

You don’t need to be a professional athlete, but we are looking for active people who love moving their bodies. It can be anything from running, to dancing, HIIT, tennis, football, basketball, swimming, etc. You don’t need to have coaching experience; the majority of our instructors had never coached before, and sometimes had never ridden a bike. 

What is the training about ?

The training is free of charge. First, you will have to take at least 10 classes in MOTION to understand the vibe et get on the rhythm. Then, you will enter the training phase; the schedule is flexible and tailored to your availability, with a minimum requirement of 4 hours of training + 2 classes per week. The duration of the training is up to your progress, can take from one month to a year. 

You will learn everything from technique, to building confidence, speech and voice coaching, leadership skills, reading a room, interacting with people, body language, how to captivate an audience, etc. Training is a learning journey that will allow you to become the best version of yourself. 

How many classes will I be teaching per week ?

We are looking for freelancers able to teach 2 to 6 classes per week.

Are you providing visas? 

We can provide visa but at your own cost as we are looking for freelancers only.

How is the recruiting process?

You will have 3 rounds of auditions.
1- First, please send us a 30s to 1min video to introduce yourself.
2- If you are selected, you will be able to register for the first round of auditions on Sunday 16th of June at 4PM.
3- Successful candidates will proceed to the second round the following week.
4- If you are selected again, you will be able to attend the final round !

If you are selected after the first round, you will be able to ride for free at MOTION to prepare for the next round.



Send us a video of you – 30seconds to 1min – introducing yourself, what you do, etc. What ever you think is relevant to you will be relevant to us. Click on the link below and send first “auditions” then you will be able to send the video. Looking forward to meet you !