How to get back to working out after taking a break

September 13, 2022

Schools are finally back, which means the population of the UAE has returned from a long summer break. Whether you jetted off somewhere or stayed to battle the heat, summer has a way of messing up our routines. If you’re struggling to get back into exercising, don’t panic. Here are some tips to get you feeling strong and healthy again.

  1. Start slowly

Once you lose your routine, it can be overwhelming trying to get back into it. You might feel frustrated because you’re not at the level you used to be, and that leads to a lack of motivation. It can also be tempting to want to go back to your old routine straight away, but after a break your body needs time to regain stamina and rebuild muscles. Take it one step at a time and ease back into your workouts at a pace that suits you.

  1. Remember why you love it

Working out is not just about the physical side, it’s also how you feel once you’ve completed it. Think of how many times you hesitated about going to a fitness class or the gym, because you were tired or just weren’t in the mood, but you felt so much better afterwards. You will never regret a workout; you just need to fall back in love with it again.

  1. Book it in advance

Consistency is key, so try to plan your workout schedule for the week. That way, you can prepare for it by making it a fixture in your routine, so if you book a class after work you know to bring your clothes with you in the morning to avoid any last-minute excuses. This also creates accountability, as you’ll feel guilty not showing up to a class you already booked for, and you’ll be less likely to cancel.

  1. Commit to a challenge

Set yourself a short-term goal. You want to have a deadline to work towards to keep your motivation high. A one-month challenge is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your return to exercise and track your progress along the way.

  1. Find a friend to workout with

It’s always more fun to workout with someone, whether it’s a friend, colleague or even your partner. Encourage each other to start and motivate each other to keep going – it will be a lot easier than trying to do it alone. Plus, you get to chat and laugh about it afterwards!

  1. Do it for yourself

Make sure you’re doing it for reasons that work for you. We all have different goals from working out, but don’t feel pressure to do something just because everyone else is. Find a way of moving your body that you love, and do it because it makes you feel incredible. Once you have that base, you’ll be back into a healthy routine in no time.

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How to get back to working out after taking a break