How to be an entrepreneur

To end our anniversary celebrations, we caught up with founder and owner of MOTION, Amelie. She gave us some tips on being an entrepreneur and what she learnt from her journey with MOTION.

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How to deal with criticism

Deal with criticism

Do you feel like you need validation from others? Like you’re constantly looking for approval. Maybe you start to doubt what you’re doing and question your ability. The need to please can be deep rooted in us, and it can be hard to break away from.

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Pop up dubai nomad

Nomad x Motion

We love supporting our community and our team, so when one of our former instructors started her own business, we couldn’t wait to collaborate with her. Nesa Rassouli started at Motion back in 2018 not long after we first opened in Dubai, and she was always a source of inspiration and energy.

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where to have fun in dubai

200 Club Ride

Let’s talk about last weekend. We got together our riders who had completed 200 or more rides and celebrated their achievement with a private glow-in-the-dark event. Glowsticks, giftbags and good vibes were all around the studio on Sunday night as Mariana led the celebration with a specially designed playlist.

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La Roche-Posay, now available in our changing rooms !

Our skin goes through a lot every day. We sweat during class. We wear makeup throughout the day. We’re exposed to the sun year-round. So we needed a skin-care range that was kind to our skin. Something that was going to leave us feeling fresh-faced and revitalised.

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30-days challenge motion cycling dubai


In order to grow stronger we need an opportunity to test our strength. That is why we have designed those challenges to test your will power, endurance and ability.

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Motion x Fighters Shots​

A cold-pressed, organic ginger shot made from 100% natural ingredients: ginger, lemon, honey, and filtered water. An impressive 27g of ginger, to be exact. Born from UK brand Fighter Shots, they have since expanded to the UAE. In a glass bottle, it’s also fully recyclable, helping you do your bit for the planet.

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MOTION x Essentially

Motion X Essentially

We’re launching a challenge for the first week of February, to kick start your real 2022. We’ve teamed up with Essentially, “the original and best cold-pressed juice company in the UAE”, to provide you with the ultimate detox: 7 classes, 7 juices, 7 days.

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helipad spin class

Helipad Ride – The video

‘Reach for the Sky’ with MOTION at The St Regis Abu Dhabi, as the World’s Highest Altitude Spin Class takes place 225 meters in the sky, to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee

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Ride & Art Exclusive ride under Louvre Abu Dhabi’s iconic dome Date : Saturday 9th of October Hour : 6PM / 7PM / 8PM /

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MOTION Market Exclusive POPUP in MOTION Abu Dhabi   Date : Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th.  Location: MOTION Cycling Abu Dhabi Studio.  This

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Nuun Sport

Nuun Sport Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. What are electrolytes and why

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